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Charalampidis Driving Schools were founded in 2010 in Nea Moudania, Halkidiki. This is a family business owned by the brothers Ioannis and Anastasios Charalampidis. With a new perception for road safety, based on the fact that human life is invaluable and that the Highway Code is a code of life, we offer well-trained trainers and a private and modern, complete fleet of cars, motorcycles and heavy vehicles covering all categories of driving licenses, thus assuming a dominant position in driver training. 

  • The theoretical courses of our schools are taught in specially designed classrooms with the support of the latest audiovisual media technology and the guidance of experienced instructors.
  • Our goal is to provide a high level of training, with highest purpose, the learning of proper road behavior and above all to provide customer service with honesty and consistency.
  • Trust the Charalampidis Driving Schools to obtain or extend your license and it is certain that you will be added to our long list of successful candidates!

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Our instructors are "trained" and teach you the latest safety techniques and rules in driving.


All our Instructors are certified, mentally and physically able and with a rich teaching history in all categories of vehicles.


Now is the perfect time to begin your lessons! We are here to help you.


We are aware that this procedure can be expensive. Therefore, we make offers and we are very competitive.


We offer complete theoretical and practical training of drivers with our private fleet of vehicles for all categories of driving license.


We offer flexible payment methods. We accept all modern payment methods.

All our students pass the driving tests with ... the first try!

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