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Charalampidis Insurances

Our company is active in the insurance market with goal the providing of immediate service to its customers.

Our office, having completed the necessary strategic collaborations with the leading insurance companies in Greece and framed with specialized partners, can guarantee the absolute coverage of all types of your insurance needs.

The solutions and products at our disposal are constantly updated, providing comprehensive protection to our clients.

Insurance for Individuals

Vehicle Insurance:

We work with a large number of insurance companies and we will offer you a variety of programs to choose the most suitable for your needs. In addition to the basic programs, we provide a number of optional coverages, in order to create an even more complete security for you.

House Insurance:

Our home is the place where we calm down and relax after a hard day. We understand the need for complete protection of your home and we make sure to offer economical and quality solutions to ensure you against any possible risk.

Life Insurance:

Because the unpredictable is also in life, we are here to help you ensure a high standard of living for your family, even if you are not there to offer it to them. Contact us and one of our partners will guide you to choose the best solution for you.

Personal Accident:

Provide timely and secure protection against any financial damage that an accident may cause you. Protect your family's standard of living from unforeseen situations and ask us about the Personal Accident programs.

Travel Insurance:

An unforeseen event during a trip can cause great stress as it is more difficult to deal with a problem away from home. Contact us and we will help you choose a travel plan to enjoy your every trip carefree.

Family Liability:

For any damage (bodily harm or material damage) that we cause to our fellow human beings we are legally and morally obliged to compensate them. The Family Liability programs cover the civil liability of the head of the family for accidents that will occur to third parties due to acts or omissions of himself, his wife, his children or other relatives who live under the same roof as him.

Foreigner Insurance:

We offer insurance programs for people who do not have a Greek VAT number for personal accident and illness coverage. The coverages included in these programs cover the requirements for the issuance of a residence permit in our country.

Health insurance :

We provide individual, group or family programs, hospital, outpatient or a combination of both, in combination or not with a public insurance company and many more options to choose the one that suits you best.

Pension - Savings:

Take care of your future today by choosing from a variety of flexible Savings plans. Choose the amount of premiums according to your capabilities as well as the duration of the contract.

Bicycle Insurance:

Unlike other vehicles, the law does not require bicycle insurance. However, the bicycle also moves every day on the roads, being exposed to the same dangers as the other vehicles.

Boat Insurance:

Your boat is exposed to many dangers both while at sea and while being guarded outside. With the Boat Insurance programs, choose from a wide variety of programs the right one for you and enjoy your adventures carefree.

Art Insurance:

Works of art are not only a form of expression but also a form of investment. Our goal is to help you choose the program that suits you to protect your collection from a variety of potential risks.

Photovoltaic Insurance:

The growing need for energy savings as well as the privileged position of our country that allows it many hours of sunshine every day, have led to the appearance of more and more photovoltaic panels. We understand the financial risk that lies in the event of their partial or total destruction and we take care to offer you insurance programs to protect them from any unforeseen risk.

Legal protection :

With Legal Protection programs you can now claim your rights as a citizen, consumer, roommate or neighbor and protect your Family and Home, free of charge and with the support of the Lawyer of your choice.

Insurance for Businesses

Liability :

Through a wide variety of insurance programs, tailored to the needs of each professional, you can protect yourself from real or invoked claims of third parties who claim to have been harmed by your professional activity.

Credit Insurance:

Credit Insurance protects your business from unforeseen commercial and political risks. Trade receivables represent one of the most important assets of your business balance sheet.

Large Business Insurance:

Always in collaboration with the most reliable Insurance Companies and our great experience and know-how, we undertake the insurance of any major industrial and commercial risk. Through a complete and reliable insurance mechanism, you can transfer to the insurance company the risks of unforeseen loss or loss of profits in order to focus on your strategic development.

Transport Insurance:

Secure your moving goods, by any recognized means of transport, against any physical damage or loss, always in accordance with international clauses.

Group Insurances:

Offer more to your employees by choosing one of dozens of group insurance plans. Choose a group pension, health or protection plan and take advantage of premiums that offer reliable insurance solutions for your employees.

Occupational Legal Protection:

Occupational Legal Protection responds in the most effective way to your needs for specialized and reliable services in matters related to your professional or business criminal liability, claiming compensation for your business, labor disputes but mainly in claiming bad debts resulting from transactions with your customers.

Small Business Insurance:

Protect your business effectively with one of the Small Business Insurance programs we offer you. Tailor each program to your needs by adding the optional coverage you need, and ensure the best possible solution for your business.

Cyber-Insurance :

Data leakage and loss can result in financial losses, as well as jeopardizing the company's corporate reputation. Secure your digital protection through an insurance plan that offers not only compensation, but also expert advice to help resolve a potential crisis.