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Temporary driving license

Issue a temporary driving license online or check its validity. Beneficiaries of a temporary driving license are those who successfully pass a test of qualifications and behavior.

You will need your personal Taxisnet passwords to issue or view the temporary license. Taxisnet.

Certificate of non-owning of traffic fees/ digital immobility - vehicle traffic / traffic fees per month through the myCAR portal

In the platform myCAR, of the Independent Public Revenue Authority, you have the opportunity to

Put your vehicle in digital immobility / traffic, by digitally submitting its license plates, without having to visit your local Tax Office,to download the traffic fees notice and receive a traffic fees certificate,to remove the immobility of their vehicle and pay traffic fees by the month.

You will need your personal Taxisnet passwords to use the application Taxisnet.

Check if your vehicle is insured

Check if your vehicle appears insured in the database which will be used by the State to locate uninsured vehicles.

To use the application you will need the registration number and the VAT number of the vehicle owner