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We undertake processing services

license documents

Processing services concern the execution of procedures such as:

Drivers License proceedings:

  • renewal of amateur driving license
  • renewal of professional driving license
  • ανανέωση Πιστοποιητικού Επαγγελματικής Ικανότητας  Π.Ε.Ι.
  • issuance - renewal of digital tachograph card
  • conversion of a driving license to new type
  • re-issuance of a driving license due to damage, theft or loss
  • μετατροπή άδειας οδήγησης  από επαγγελματική σε ερασιτεχνική
  • introduction of a motorbike license issued by the traffic police to the driving license
  • conversion of a driving license into Greek by EU countries - Switzerland - Albania - Serbia - Ukraine - Former Soviet Union, USA - Canada - Australia - Japan - South Africa - South Korea

Car processing of private use passenger - motorcycle:

  • transfer - car or motorcycle registration
  • copy of vehicle registration
  • color change
  • replacement of government license plates
  • engine change
  • removal of retention of title
  • issuance - transfer of traction license
  • adding LPG to the vehicle registration
  • change of information

Procedures professional of Trucks - Buses - TAXI:

  • transfer - classification
  • change of business name
  • copy of vehicle registration
  • Plates deposit
  • color change
  • replacement of government license plates
  • engine change
  • declassifications
  • change books
  • Permanent deletion

Processing of agricultural machinery: 

  • transfer - classification
  • replacement of government license plates
  • Plates deposit
  • engine change
  • Permanent deletion

Vehicle adaptation research: 

  • Research for Special Transport Vehicles.
  • Research for Special Purpose Vehicles - special purpose.
  • Adaptation research of trucks - mounted trucks- trailers.
  • Special corridor bus research.
  • Hydraulic loading platform research (Hydraulic door).
  • Research of Hydraulic self-loading mechanisms according to the current decisions of the Ministry of Environment. (parrots).
  • Research of removable car bodies (buckets-chains).
  • Research of notified vehicles for traction of passenger cars and light trucks.
  • Research ADR

Construction machinery : 

  • Μεταβίβαση μηχανήματος έργου  όπως εκσκαφείς , φορτωτές , κλαρκ ,  αυτοκινούμενοι γερανοί κ.α.
  • Issuance of marketing authorization and license plates
  • Issuance of a certificate of lifting capacity

Vehicle type approvals:

  • Project machine type approvals
  • Approval of motor vehicles and their trailers

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