The license plates of vehicles, which have been submitted to the tax office, can be taken back by their owners and paid monthly without penaltyThis is provided from an modification submitted to the Parliament by the Ministry of Finance. 

According to the modification, the year 2021 is also included (it was already valid for the years 2018 - 2020):

- The exceptional possibility of lifting the immobility of vehicles, cars and motorcycles for private use, with partial payment of traffic fees, at the set percentages of fees in proportion to the months for which the lifting of immobility is done, instead of paying all annual fees which is normally the case. It is stipulated that a period of less than one month is counted as a whole month and an amount equal to one twelfth of the annual traffic fees is paid for it.

The obligation to pay in proportion to the traffic fees, for the months remaining until the end of the year and not the total of the annual traffic fees, in case of removal of the compulsory immobilization of a vehicle.

When the vehicle is stationary and if the vehicle has been transported to a new location other than the one originally declared, the stopping point is declared again. In case of overdue immovable or non-immovable property, an independent fine equal to twice the annual traffic fees is imposed, minus twice the amount of the already paid twelfths of the annual traffic fees.

It is noted that this year the license plates that were submitted electronically for over 130,000 vehicles.


According to the regulation, an owner of a car 2,000cc who is normally charged an annual fee of 690 euros, who will want to put the license plates in his car again for a period of two months (July and August) will be charged a fee of 115 euros (2 months from 57.5 euros each).

Respectively, if a car owner of a car 2,400 cc with an annual fee of 920 euros wants to "get back" his license plates for the period July-December, he will have to pay 459.6 euros (76.6 euros for six months).

From May 12, the relevant process can be done through the platform mycar of AADE.